LHP:Lambir Hills National Park

General site detail (Updated 13 April 2023)
 Site name
 Lambir Hills National Park
 AsiaFlux site code
 Location 30 km south of Miri City, Sarawak, Malaysia
 Position 4°12'3.6"N, 114°02'20.7"E
 Elevation 200 m a.s.l.
 Slope <5°
 Terrain type
 Gentle slope
 Area 52 ha
 Fetch 400 m (southeast) or longer
 Climate Tropical rainforest climate (Af)
 Mean annual air temperature
 26.2 ℃ (2010-2019)
 Mean annual precipitation
 2751 mm (2010-2019)
 Vegetation type
 Mixed dipterocarp and tropical heath forest
 Dominant species (Overstory)
 Dominant species (Understory)
 Canopy height
 40-50 m
 Age -
 LAI 6.2 m2 m-2 in 2002 (LAI-2000, Li-Cor)
 Soil type
 Red-yellow podzolic (Malaysian classification) or Ultisols (United States Department of Agriculture Soil Taxonomy)

Eddy Covariance method (CO2)
 System Open-path system 
 Wind speed 
 Three-dimensional sonic anemometer-thermometer (CSAT3, Campbell Scientific)
 Air temperature
 Three-dimensional sonic anemometer-thermometer (CSAT3, Campbell Scientific)
 Water vapor
 Open-path CO2/H2O analyzer (LI-7500, Li-Cor)
 CO2 Open-path CO2/H2O analyzer (LI-7500, Li-Cor)
 Measurement height
 60.2 m
 Sampling frequency
 10 Hz
 Averaging time
 30 min.
 Data logger
 Data storage
 Original data
 Raw data

 Observation items
  Levels/ Depth
 Global solar
 radiation (incoming)
 85.8 m
 Solar radiometer (MS401, EKO, Japan)
 Global solar 
 radiation (outgoing)
 49.5 m (100 m
 south of the  crane)
 Solar radiometer (CM06E, Kipp & Zonen)
 85.8 m
 Infrared radiometer (Model PIR, Epply)
 49.5 m (100 m
 south of the  crane)
 Infrared radiometer (Model PIR, Epply)
 Net radiation
 - Calculated
 PPFD (incoming)
 85.8 m
 Quantum sensor (MIJ-14, Environmental
 Measurement Japan, Japan)
 PPFD (outgoing)
 - -
 Direct / diffuse
 - Calculated
 Direct / diffuse
 - -
 Air temperature
 0.5, 5, 13, 25,
 32, 44, 60, 76 m
 76 m: Ventilated psychrometer (MS020S,
 EKO, Japan)
 60 m: Thermohygrograph (HMP155D, Vaisala)
 Others: Temperature/relative humidity data logger (HOBO Pro v2, Onset)
 Humidity 0.5, 5, 13, 25,
 32, 44, 60, 76 m
 76 m: Thermohygrograph (HMP35A, Vaisala)
 60 m: Thermohygrograph (HMP155D, Vaisala)
 Others: Temperature/relative humidity data logger (HOBO Pro v2, Onset)
 Soil temperature
 0.02, 0.1, 0.2,
 0.5 m
 Copper-constantan thermocouples
 Soil heat flux
 0.01 m
 Heat flux plate (MF-81, EKO, Japan)
 Soil water content 
 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1 m
 TDR (CS616, Campbell Scientific)
 Wind speed
 60.2, 77.5,
 93.2 m
 Cup-anemometer (AC750, Makino, Japan)
 Wind direction
 77.5 m Wind vane (VR036, Makino, Japan)
 Barometric pressure
 60.2 m
 Pressure sensor (PTB110, Vaisala)
 Precipitation 85.5 m Tipping bucket rain gauge
 (RS102, Ogasawara Keiki, Japan)
 0.5, 5, 13, 25,
 32, 44 m
 CO2 infrared gas analyzer (LI-820, Li-Cor)

Soil respiration
 Measurement method
 Reference for the method
 Ohashi et al., 2008; Biogeochemistry
 Measuring system
 Closed dynamic chamber method
 IRGA LI-6400-09
 Flow control
 Chamber type
 Closed dynamic chamber
 Chamber size
 962 cm3 in volume (72 cm2 in area)
 Number of chambers
 One (but it was manually relocated to 25 to >100 locations at each campaign)
 Measuring intervals
 Two to six months
 Is the ground covered by snow
 in winter?
 Original data
 Temperature and air pressure
 Soil temperature at the depth of 10 cm

 Photosynthesis Portable IRGA (LI-6400, Li-Cor)
 Sap flow Heat dissipation method (Granier-type sensor)
 Ecological investigation
 Tree inventory, Biometric observations for  the 4-ha plot every year
Observation Period and Data Availability
 Measurement Period
 2001-2003, 2009-2019
 Measurement Frequency
 Data Availability
 2009-2019 in AsiaFlux Database
 Tomo'omi Kumagai (tomoomikumagai[at]gmail.com)
 Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
 The University of Tokyo
 1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8657, Japan
 TEL: +81-3-5841-8226
 Yoshiaki Hata (yoshiakihata0806[at]gmail.com)
 Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
 The University of Tokyo
 1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8657, Japan
 TEL: +81-3-5841-5214
 Canopy crane, Electrical power (220V AC), Solar cell
Research Fund
 Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) of the
 Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
 The Global Centers of Excellence Program (GCOE) of the Japan  
 Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Calibration Information
 Calibration or replacement of the open-path analyzer was performed
 approximately once a year.
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