Our Activities
The main activities of AsiaFlux are:
-  Promoting the flux study in Asia and standardizing the observation technology,
-  Publishing quarterly Newsletter which provides all sorts of topics on our research as well as from other research fields,
-  Holding annual workshops to have opportunities to deepen our understanding on carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems and to share the information,
-  Managing database for efficient data accumulation and usage, and
-  Providing information through website and mailing lists.

Members of steering committee have been ingathering constantly to discuss operation policy, mostly on the occasions of workshops and other related meetings.

Activity Reports
APN Newsletter Jan. 2007
APN Newsletter VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1, January 2007, P14-15
Standardization and Systematization of Carbon-budget Observation in Asian Terrestrial Ecosysytem Based on AsiaFlux Network (ARCP2006-01-CMY-Ohtani)
Activity Report 2006
Present situation and challenges of AsiaFlux - From Activities of Workgroups in 2006 -
Y.Ohtani, J. Kim, Y. Fujinuma, K. Hirano, D. Lee, A. Miyata, N. Saigusa and M. Tani