Register your site to AsiaFlux!
AsiaFlux Network very welcome information from flux observation sites. Aggregating and sharing this valuable information on flux site in Asia will bring us a strong collaboration not only between flux researchers but also with other study field such as modeling and remote-sensing. We would like you to kindly share the information of your observation site. You can update your information anytime you would like to after registration.

Please use (template and sample) fill up and send it to AsiaFlux Secretariat (secretary [at] with 2-3 original size image files of the site.
If you have any question, suggestions, or any updates of your site information please contact  AsiaFlux Secretariat (secretary [at]

Site information Update History
 - JRS is registered (2020 January 16)
 - TCK is registered (2019 December 19)
 - ZRS is registered (2017 November 30)
 - CRK, HPK, TBK are registered (2017 May 31)
 - SWL is registered (2016 June 21)
 - PDF is registered (2016 January 22)
 - BBY is registered (2015 September 16)
 - IZM is registered (2015 February 5)
 - GRK is registered (2014 August 29)
 - BNS, CBS, HBG, QYZ, YCS are registered (2014 August 12)
 - AUY is registered (2014 June 10)
 - IFS is registered (2014 May 14)