Register your site to AsiaFlux!
AsiaFlux Network very welcome information from flux observation sites. Aggregating and sharing this valuable information on flux site in Asia will bring us a strong collaboration not only between flux researchers but also with other study field such as modeling and remote-sensing. We would like you to kindly share the information of your observation site. You can update your information anytime you would like to after registration.

Please use ( template and sample) fill up and send it to AsiaFlux Secretariat (secretary [at] with 2-3 original size image files of the site.
If you have any question, suggestions, or any updates of your site information please contact  AsiaFlux Secretariat (secretary [at]

Site information Update History
 - NKM is registered (2020 December 3)
 - JRS is registered (2020 January 16)
 - TCK is registered (2019 December 19)
 - ZRS is registered (2017 November 30)
 - CRK, HPK, TBK are registered (2017 May 31)
 - SWL is registered (2016 June 21)
 - PDF is registered (2016 January 22)
 - BBY is registered (2015 September 16)
 - IZM is registered (2015 February 5)
 - GRK is registered (2014 August 29)
 - BNS, CBS, HBG, QYZ, YCS are registered (2014 August 12)
 - AUY is registered (2014 June 10)
 - IFS is registered (2014 May 14)