Upload Data 
We are truly pleased to welcome all researchers in Asia who are willing to utilize their research outcome by sharing your data with us. Our data policy ensures data providers' right and the close communication with data users. When someone is downloading your data from our system, you will be informed simultaneously by email. By opening your data to the public and encouraging the use of them to other researchers, it will result in the new progress in your study as well as returning the results of research to society.

Data uploading guide
Please prepare Following three files and send to AsiaFlux Secretariat (asiafluxdb [at] asiaflux.net) .
Data file should be assembled per year.
1) Site information file (Please resister your site to AsiaFlux) (templates and sample)
2) Data file in CSV. (templates for FxMt data   ) Please do not mix observation data recorded different time step.Gap-filled complete data and statistics (i.e. daily mean or annual sum) based on the gap-filled data should be separate from observed data file. 
3) Data description file, which include general information of your site, methodologies and noteworthy points/events etc. (templates for FxMt and Sample )
Please explain well about the applied gap-filling method are required in the document file for gap-filled data set. (templates for Gapfilled data)
4) Soil respiration data templates is also available. 

If you are willing to share different data set such as methane, BVOC etc we are also welcome. If you have any questions about data submissions or usage, please contact  asiafluxdb [at] asiaflux.netAsiaFlux Database is in very early phase of its development. You might find some inconveniences while using this system, we would appreciate any opinions or suggestions. We will make every effort to honor your request.