Mission: Science, Service, and Stewardship
Bring Asia's key ecosystems under observation to develop and transfer scientific knowledge to ensure quality and sustainability of life in Asia.

- To develop collaborative research and data-sets on the cycles of carbon, water and energy in key ecosystems in Asia,  
- To organize workshops and training on current and related global change themes; and
- To cultivate the next generation scientists to become informed leaders and stewards with skills and perspectives to address global climate change in Asia.

The AsiaFlux serves as the "Science Frontier" in carbon, water and energy cycles, developing and transferring scientific knowledge characterized by
- Consilience (the synthesis of knowledge),
- Contextualization (the reformulation of scientific knowledge in social and pedagogical context by embracing its implications as well as the applications), and
- Cultural diversity (standing together for the truth despite different concerns and perspectives on sustainability options in Asia).

Our History
- March, 2016        AsiaFlux Mini-Workshop on Remote Sensing and Ecological / Environmental Monitoring
- November, 2015   13th AsiaFlux Workshop - Challenges and Significance of Ecosystem Research in Asia to Better Understand Climate Change
- December, 2014   AsiaFlux training and seminar on tropical ecosystem monitoring
- August, 2014       12th AsiaFlux Workshop - Bridging Atmospheric Flux Monitoring to National and International Climate Change Initiatives
- February, 2014     AsiaFlux training & seminar on methane flux and carbon cycle in Bangladesh.
- August, 2013       11th AsiaFlux Workshop -Communicating Science to Society: Coping with Climate Extreams for Resilient Ecological -Social Systems-
- November, 2011    10th AsiaFlux Workshop - Bridging Ecosystem Science to Service and Stewardship
- December, 2010   9th AsiaFlux Workshop - New Challenges of Fluxnet Community to Resilient Carbon/Water Management
- October, 2009      AsiaFlux Workshop 2009 - Integrating Cross-scale Ecosystem Knowledge: Bridge and Barriers 
- November, 2008    AsiaFlux Workshop 2008 - Re-Thiking Global Change Science: From Knowledge to Policy 
- October, 2007      AsiaFlux Workshop 2007 - International Workshop on Advanced Flux Network and Flux Evaluation 
- July, 2007            AsiaFlux Training Course 2007
- November, 2006    International Workshop on flux Estimation over Diverse Terrestrial Ecosystems in Asia -AsiaFlux Workshop 2006
- August, 2006       AsiaFlux Training Course 2006
- August, 2005       AsiaFlux Workshop 2005
- August, 2003       International Workshop on Flux Observation Research in Asia
- March, 2002        The first issue of AsiaFlux Newsletter
- October, 2001      The 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Flux Network and Flux Evaluation
- August, 2000       International Workshop on Advanced Flux Network and Flux Evaluation
- September, 1999  Establishment of AsiaFlux

Our Supporters

AsiaFlux activities have been supported by
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) (2013-)
- A3 Foresight Program (2007-2012) by 
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 
National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)   

Our Logo
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