Poster session
 How to log-in to "slack" for AsiaFlux Conference 2021.
 2. If you find any issues to log in (register), please let us know. We will invite you directly.

 How to use slack in "AsiaFlux Conference 2021"
 1. Please modify your name as "Your Name (Affiliation)" (e.g. Kazuhito Ichii (Chiba Univ)) by clicking your icon and go edit profile.
 2. First, please go into #00_general to see the list of channels. Program are available.
 3. Oral Session will be held in #10_oral_session. You will be able to find the zoom link to whole session.
 4. Poster Session will be held in #30_p00_poster_list. You can find links to each posters.
 5. Poster presenters: You can also find a sample format of poster in #30_p99_poster_test . 
     We recommend to prepare poster as PDF file. You can upload as either multiple presentation slide or one large poster. 
     Please upload your poster in your 30_pNN channel corresponding to your poster number. 
     Please also prepare and submit one slide (A4) for poster lighting talk to #30_p00_submit_lightningtalk
 6. Others - #50_announcement - please use for your advertisement (call for collaborator, data, PostDocs etc.).
     #51_share_your_publication - please share your recent achievement (publication, datasets, instruments).
     #60_questions_requests - please post your questions on the conference.