BFS: Barkot Flux Research Site
General site detail  (Updated 11 May 2013)
 Site name
 Barkot Flux Research Site
 AsiaFlux site code
 Location Barkot, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
 Position 30°6'44.391"N , 78°12'43.06"E
 Elevation 415m above sea level
 Slope <5 degree
 Terrain type
 Area 8445.648 ha
 Fetch 400-1000m
 Climate Subtropical Humid
 Mean annual air temperature
 37.5°C in July and 2.5°C in January
 Mean annual precipitation
 Vegetation type
 Moist Deciduous Sal forest
 Domestic species (Overstory)
 Shorea robusta
 Dominant species (Understory)
 Mallotus philippensis
 Canopy height
 32 m
 Age Climax Forest
 LAI 4.8
 Soil type
 Loamy Thermic Haplustalfs

Eddy Covariance method (CO2)
 System Open-path system
 Wind speed
 3 - axis Ultrasonic anemometer ( RM Young 81000, USA)
 Air temperature
 3 - axis Ultrasonic anemometer ( RM Young 81000, USA)
 Water vapor
 Open-path infrared gas analyzer 
 (IR Hygrometer LI-7500, LI-COR, USA)
 CO2 Open-path infrared gas analyzer
 (IR Hygrometer LI-7500, LI-COR, USA)
 Measurement height
 40 m
 Sampling frequency
 10 Hz
 Averaging time
 30 min
 Data logger
 CR1000 (Campbell,USA)
 Data storage
 Compact flash card
 Original data
 Raw data

 Observation items
  Levels/ Depth
 Global solar radiation(incoming)
 40 m CMP 3 (Kipp&Zonen, Netherland)
 Global solar 
radiation (outgoing)
 Long-wave radiation(outgoing) 
 40 mCMP 3 (Kipp&Zonen, Netherland)
 Long-wave radiation(outgoing) 
 Net radiation
 PPFD (incoming)
 PPFD (outgoing)
 Direct / diffuse radiation
 Direct / diffuse PPFD
 Air temperature
 48,32,16,8,4,2  m Hygroclips S3 (Rotoronic,Switzerland)
 Humidity 48,32,16,8,4,2  m Hygroclips S3 (Rotoronic,Switzerland)
 Soil temperature
  -5cm, -10cm,  -20cm, -60cm,  -100cm KDS 031(Komoline, India)
 Soil heat flux
 10,30 cm Self-calibrating heat flux sensor
 (Huskeflux-HFP01SC )
 Soil water 
 10cm, 20cm,  30cm, 40cm,  60cm, 100cm PR2/6 (Delta-T, UK)
 Wind speed
 48,32,16,8,4,2  m RM Young Wind Monitor-05103
 Wind direction
 48,32,16,8,4,2  m RM Young Wind Monitor-05103
 2 m Atmosphere Pressure Sensor KDS 021  (Komoline, India)
 Precipitation 50 m Tipping-bucket rainguage 
 (RM Young 52203, USA)
 Soil respiration
 Automated soil CO2 Flux
 (LI-8100, LI-COR,USA)
 Photosynthesis -
 Ecological investigation
 LAI, Biomass, Litter production &  decomposition, Litter C:N etc. Sap Flow
Observation Period and Data Availability
 Measurement Period
 October 2012 till date
 Measurement Frequency
 Data Availability
  Dr. V.K. Dadhwal (director [at] )
 Director, NRSC & Project Director, National Carbon Project
 National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO)
 Department of Space, Government of India
 Balanagar, Hyderabad 500 625, India
 Telephone (O) : +91 40 2388 4001
 Fax: +91 40 2387 7210
- Dr. S.P.S. Kushwaha (spskushwaha [at]  
   Deputy Project Director, National Carbon Project
   Group Director, PPEG & Head, Forestry and Ecology Department
 - Dr. N.R. Patel (pnatoo[at], nrpatel[at]  
   Project Manager Agriculture and Soils Department 
 - Dr. S. Nandy (subrato.nandy[at], nandy[at]  
   Scientist-SD, Forestry and Ecology Department
 - Taibanganba Watham (taibang01[at]  
   Research Scholar, Forestry and Ecology Department
  Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, Govt. of India, 4 Kalidas   
  Road, Dehradun- 248001, India
  Telephone(O): +91 135 2746789 Fax: +91 135 2741987
 Tower, Solar Power, Facility for Accommodation Available.
Research Fund
 Indian Space Research Organization - Geosphere Biosphere Program  (ISRO-GBP)