Development of an easy-to-use open database system, AsiaFlux Database (AsiaFlux DB), is one of the key activities of AsiaFlux. An effective use of the AsiaFluxDB provides a number of benefits, including: Distinguishing (extract) essential characteristics of material exchanges between individual sites (ecosystems) and the atmosphere, Advances in understanding of material circulation in Asian region, Contribution to Asian environmental management strategy by extending cooperation with the modeling and remote sensing communities, and Efficient upgrading of observation techniques and analysis processes. All data sets registered in AsiaFluxDB are provided by research group at observation sites in AsiaFlux network. Each data set is acquired and analyzed by data provider, and contents in the data set are copyrighted to the individual data provider unless stated otherwise.

All data sets can be downloaded from AsiaFlux DB as long as user agree and abide by AsiaFluxDB Fair-Use Policy. We hope this DB will greatly influence this study field and incourage further education for young researchers. 

AsiaFlux Database and Data Policy Subworkgroup would like to provide a mutually beneficial database for both data providers and data users and wish your active participation in AsiaFluxDB. Additionally, we wish AsiaFlux DB becomes the entrance for new studies and produces new encounters.

Fair Use Policy
The backbone of AsiaFluxDB is, various and valuable observation data obtained from persistent efforts of the well-meaning researchers.
All AsiaFluxDB users are required to respect the Fair-Use Policy in order to guarantee the rights of researcher(s).

1) Any distribution of downloaded data (as well as any forms of the reprocessed data such as gap-filled data) to the third person for any use whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

2) If research purpose and results are conflicting with those of the data provider, the data users must first inform and discuss the issues with the data provider with priority.

3) For any publication using data from AisaFluxDB, the data provider must be informed and his/her/their approval obtained before submitting abstract, extended abstract, or a manuscript for any public presentations and submission for publication. The data provider may request co-authorship. A proper acknowledgment to the data provider and AsiaFlux is required.

4) All data users are required to provide reprints (or pdf files) of the journal papers, abstracts in the proceedings, or articles in any forms of public media (such as magazine, newspaper, etc)  using data from AisaFluxDB to data provider and AsiaFlux immediately after the publication.

*** In no event shall AsiaFlux be liable for damages of any kind resulting from the use of AsiaFluxDB or its registered dataset(s).