AsiaFlux Online Conference 2021

 - To share the trend of surface environmental change in Asia and to share the basis for future activities as AsiaFlux.
 - To promote collaborative research through AsiaFlux community.
 - To understanding the current status of AsiaFlux research and to discuss the direction of future progress.

 [Data and Time]
 December 20(Mon), 21(Tue), 12:30-18:00 (JST)

 Online (Zoom for oral presentations, "oVice" for poster presentations and reception) -> change to "slack"
 *Most presentations will go to poster session. 

 [Abstract submission]
 by November 25(Thu), 17:00 JST -> closed

 Registration form -> Google forms / Access from China -> Microsoft form -> closed
 Registration by December 16(Thu), 15:00 JST
 Registration Fee: Free

 [Key words]
 Flux measurements, synthesis, remote sensing, modeling, carbon, water, energy, nutrients, trace gases, vegetation, soil...